Summer Clothing Swap Party | Decor Inspiration

Summer, so far, has been pretty great. The weather has been nice in Chicago and Afroz and I have had a wonderful time hanging out with our family and friends. The sad part is that with every great summer comes a moment when you have to accept that the season of BBQs, beach trips, bike rides, and warm weather has to come to an end eventually. Soon, we'll bid farewell to summer and celebrate the start of fall, which has its own beautiful charm. 

I've been thinking about hosting a little get together with a few friends, just to wrap up the summer. I haven't thought of the menu yet, but I've been looking at some images to get inspiration for the decor. I usually don't decorate the apartment when friends come over, but I wanted to change it up this time around. I'm hoping to also add a new element to this party. I've read about clothing swaps and also attended a scarf swap party in the past. Basically, each guest brought in scarves they didn't want anymore and everyone shopped around and took home any scarves they liked. It's a fun, free, and sustainable way to shop around with your friends. It's a wonderful way to get new additions to your wardrobe and it also promotes ethical and sustainable fashion. The average American throws away 65 pounds of textiles each year (source). By swapping clothes instead of buying new, we're reducing that waste.

Here are some images that are on my mind as I plan this clothing swap party:

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