The Perfect Bike Storage Solution

When Afroz and I first met, he told me awesome stories of biking through nice trails with his friends. Once we moved to the city, he didn't bike as much, until about a year ago when he and his friends decided to get together and bike on the Lake Shore Drive trail. Since then, they've been biking every weekend on different trails all around Chicago and the suburbs. He eventually bought a nice road bike, which was better for the trails compared to his mountain bike.

The only biking I ever did was when I went to the local park in my neighborhood when I was much younger. I had this cheap mountain bike from Target that I barely used. I wanted to get back into biking, but properly this time. My husband and I searched on Craigslist for a good road bike for me and found nothing that was the right size for my height, so we eventually went to Village Cycle Center and got a decent deal on a Trek bicycle. Since we both bought some decent bikes, we wanted a good place to store them. We were hesitant to keep them in the community bike storage room in our apartment building, because we didn't want them to get damaged, so we did some research and found the perfect bike storage rack from CB2

The only place we had room for the bikes was surprisingly in our bedroom and they look great on the wall. Our ceilings are pretty high, so we stacked them on top of each other. Afroz's bike is on the bottom and mine is on the top. We just have to get on a stool to get mine off the rack, which isn't a big deal. The storage rack has a space for the bike to hang, as well as an area to keep your helmet or any tools. We had a gift card for Crate and Barrel from our wedding (that's right, we saved it for three years), but the storage rack wasn't that expensive for the quality. We would definitely recommend it!