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"Chai" refers to a South Asian tea made of black tea, spices, and milk. I make a fresh cup of chai first thing in the morning, before I work on a new design project, after a long day, before I write a blog post, at the end of a meal with friends and family, and the list goes on. (Do I really need to have a reason to have chai?) The aroma of a hot cup of chai is enough to make me smile and when I top it off with biscotti, it's perfect. In Pakistani culture, friends and family gather for midday chai breaks to catch up and discuss anything on their mind with their loved ones.

Chai + Biscotti is a blog that celebrates the warmth of those discussions. It's always over a cup of chai with family and friends that I'm reminded to take risks, go with the flow, and make the most of every simple moment I experience as a mom, designer, and traveler. This blog is an extension of those discussions. So here it is. Grab a cup of chai, some biscotti, and let's chat, rant and enjoy our midday chai break together.

Chai and Biscotti

About the Blogger

My name is Fariha Wajid. I am a mom, wife, and a designer based in Chicago. After working as an architectural designer, I started INKMADE to share my love for creating hand printed textiles and stationery inspired by my background in architecture and my travels around the world. As for blogging, I started during my time in architecture school to share photos and stories about my design projects. The blog soon transformed into a journal of my travels, the lessons I learn as a new mom, thoughts on culture, and everyday stories of this ordinary Pakistani-American mom trying to figure out how to manage everything. I love writing, taking photos, and connecting with new people through blogs and social media. Feel free to reach out to me for collaborations, questions, or to just say hello! I'm also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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