Chicken Rice in Singapore

The beauty of Singapore is that most of the restaurants are halal certified, so Afroz and I were ready to eat up! This was our first stop. From Singaporean locals to Anthony Bourdain, Singapore's chicken rice is something everyone raves about. It's one of those things you eat and love, but you're not quite sure why. It also doesn't look like the most lavish and appetizing dish in the world, so you really have to try it and figure out if you love or hate it.

Chicken rice is considered to be the national dish of Singapore. It was adapted from the from early Chinese immigrants originally from the Hainan province in China. In Singapore, chicken rice is served everywhere from school canteens, hawker stalls to major restaurants (Source). My brother took us to a small restaurant in the Clementi area called Evertop Family Restaurant.

The boneless chicken is steamed and is served with plain rice. The chicken itself doesn't have a lot of taste, but the chili sauce that comes with it is what makes it all very tasty. We also paired the dish with some Chinese spinach and mango salad. The vegetables we ordered were coated with a nice spicy garlic sauce and tasted delicious with the combination of rice and chicken. The mango salad was definitely something I had not tried before and I loved it! I recommend ordering these sides, because these little things are what enhance the main entree and make it taste even better.

So if you're one of those people that likes trying new dishes when you're traveling, I would definitely recommend trying chicken rice at Evertop.

Restaurant Info:
Evertop Family Restaurant
354 Clementi Ave 2
Singapore 120354

Chopped Greek Salad

Yummly is my new favorite mobile app and website.

Planning meals has never been so easy and delicious! My fridge was empty when I came back from my trip, so I decided to use this opportunity to buy some different ingredients to try some new recipes. Right before I went to the grocery store, I sat down and saved my favorite recipes on Yummly. It made a grocery list for me and wa-lah! Shopping was made easy. When it comes to cooking, the most annoying thing is when I want to follow a specific recipe and I realize I don't have some of the ingredients. So much time is wasted in going out and buying what I'm missing and then I get mad at myself for not prepping sooner. Thanks to Yummly, I've become more organized with my meal prepping.

I recently found a recipe for "Chopped Greek Salad." It was simple and straight forward to make. The dressing is delicious and the salad itself looks and tastes amazing. I also tried kalamata olives for the first time with this salad and I loved it!

My husband and I are trying to eat healthier, so I specifically looked for healthy recipes on Yummly. I was really curious to see if my husband would like this salad, because it wasn't like any other salad I've made before. Thankfully, he loved it and asked me to make it again soon! Alhamdulilah for these useful tools and for the awesome people who post these recipes online :)

Three Arts Club Cafe

My friends told me they wanted to go out for lunch to celebrate my birthday and also my friend's engagement. We didn't know where we wanted to go until one of them eventually suggested to visit Three Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware, located in the Gold Coast. I have seen so many photos of this cafe posted on Instagram and wasn't sure when I was going to visit, but I knew I had to check out this beautiful space filled with daylight, greenery, and an atmosphere that looked very comfy and relaxing.

Originally, the 101 year-old building was a residence and social nexus for young female artists. It was empty and neglected until 2003 when Restoration Hardware took over (Source). The "three arts" refer to music, painting, and drama. The club, modeled on the Three Arts Club of New York, was founded in 1912. In 1914 the club commissioned their own building, designed by architects Holabird & Roche. Over 13,000 women had stayed in the club (Source). I thought it would be wonderful to check out the space.

When we got there, the wait was two hours long, but we took some time to walk through the furniture gallery. I've been to a few Restoration Hardware locations, but this one was set up pretty nicely. Once our wait was over, we finally sat down to order. The couches were extremely comfortable and we immediately felt relaxed. My friends ordered grilled cheese sandwiches and I ordered the smoked salmon. They also ordered some cappuccinos while we waited for our food. 

Three Arts Club Cafe (Source)

(Right) How the courtyard looked before Restoration Hardware moved in. (Source)

I wasn't able to take a shot of the overall space, but I took some of our food. I hate being one of those people that's always snapping photos of my food, because I would much rather dig in and eat up. But the presentation was so beautiful here, that I really needed to take my camera out.

The caramel cappuccinos were delicious and, of course, beautiful. Even though it was super busy, the drinks and the food were brought to us very quickly. My friends and I enjoyed talking and laying back on the couches. I think we might have made ourselves more at home than most people do at this place, but we couldn't help it!

The branding for Three Arts Club is also beautiful. The simplicity in the menu was not only nice to look at, but easy and straight forward to understand. The menu isn't too big, but whatever is on there, is very tasty! The furniture, branding, lighting, waterfall, and food were all on point. The two hour wait was definitely worth it.

My smoked salmon was beyond delicious. It was brought out on a board and consisted of Texas toast, cucumbers, and cream cheese. I absolutely loved it and felt super satisfied after my meal. I would highly recommend this place for a nice cup of coffee, a date, and pretty much any other reason. The history of the building itself is also interesting. I wish I could see how the space looked when it was actually used as an arts club. Restoration Hardware isn't exactly my taste of furniture, but if you have the wallet to snatch something from the furniture gallery, then I guess you can get furniture here too :)

*All photographs were taken by Fariha Wajid, unless otherwise stated.